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Heian Shrine in Kyoto, Japan. For good luck, celebrants buy fortunes scratched on white paper and tie them, like blossoms, to bare-branched trees

National Geographic | June 1976


Paris rooftops, Michael Wolf

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*Noise in the other room.*
Non-cat owner: Oh shit, someone's in my house!
Cat owner: I don't know what you're doing, but stop.


Chephalopods, from Animalium


Schoolgirls climb Gold Hill past old abbey walls in Shaftesbury, England, 1955, Kathleen Revis.
National Geographic

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Visitors of diverse nationalities crowd a casino roulette table in Swaziland, 1969.Photograph by Volkmar K. Wentzel, National Geographic Creative


Primates page in Animalium


Rushmore (1998) - Directed by Wes Anderson

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robin williams was the crazy uncle you could always go to for a joke or a cheering up and it’s strange and very hard for me to fathom that he is gone. I just assumed that people like him, people who have changed others’ lives for the better and brought such joy and excitement to children and adults alike, would live eternally

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I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way” - Dead Poets Society

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a farmer and his donkey in Zamora Province haul flowering nabiza, turnip plants, to feed his cattle or to be pressed for vegetable oil. Spain, March 1978

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The X-Files -  Famous movie posters’ style by Anna Valle

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